So I take pleasure in being feeble, in unkind words, in needs, in cruel attacks, in troubles, on account of Christ: for when I am feeble, then am I strong. 2 Corinthians 12.10
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The only site dedicated exclusively to Bible reading and research, without discriminating against any denomination. Our sole objective is that all people , independently of church, sect,or religion will be able to read and attain knowledge of what is really written in the Bible. To know more read the author\'s note click here.


Leandro Henrique dos Reis


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Special thanks:

Primarily, to God, for giving me the capacity to develop this work;
To my mother, for conceiving me;
To my dear wife, is by my side and not complain about lack of attention while I upgraded this work;
To Eliel Goulart, for always helping me to follow the path of truth, and also for beliving in me, helping me in my day-to-day life, and here I want to declare to the world just how much I have for a father;
To Clemente Maia Filho, that today is in the place of my grandfather (in memory), who helped me in my first steps of my faith
To the volunteers, for direct and indirect help with the site;
To the sponsors;

I will not cite the names of all involved, because my memory would be too weak to remember them all;
And you the user, that spreads our work, or at least enjoys it, because you justify this work.

Thank you very much for visiting our site!
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